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Visit us on the DLG field VE24 - DLG Field Days 2018 in Bernburg

Inform yourself about the PLOCHER commitment in agriculture and forestry on 1000 m².

Key topic:
profitable into the future -  Aerobic PLOCHER ground management!

Sustainable business - reduce operating costs
with PLOCHER products - proven in all forms of management!

 The PLOCHER-LW team will be happy to advise you!

The PLOCHER health concept offers holistic
Economic-ecological solutions for all forms of management -
Cause treatment instead of symptom control!

PLOCHER products in the barn and on the field increase the added value of
Animal-soil-plant-water and facilitate the transition to a profitable eco-agriculture!

On the PLOCHER-DLG-field VE 24 different cultures are cultivated on
1000 m²:
Sugar beet, oats, potatoes, alfalfa, Persian clover, broad beans, peas.
Co-exhibitor HANF FARM offers advice on hemp cultivation.

Take advantage of the opportunity - we are happy to inform you
about the economic-ecological PLOCHER deployment. Also on topics such as groundwater protection, field hygiene (nematodes, wire worm, etc.), soil remediation, composting, aerobic manure and digestate treatment, emission protection

Save money on crop protection ... with the plocher agro-kat
Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange experiences with
PLOCHER farmers.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Roland Plocher & Team

Green Manure 2017 - TerraLife Eco-Seeds

The early field: